Showcases at IBC 2016


Enjoy VR

Fraunhofer Cingo® & MPEG-H for the best immersive sound experience on VR devices



Enjoy VR

Convincing all-round panorama

Researchers at Fraunhofer HHI have developed a technology to give us a realistic picture impression. At its core is the OmniCam-360: it records 360 degree panorama images, or “all-round” images, without parallax.


Solutions on Virtual Reality, HbbTV, DVB-T and HTML

The Fraunhofer FOKUS Cloud-based 360° Video Playout for HbbTV makes it possible to watch 360° video content on low capability devices such as HbbTV.


Light Field Technology

Light-Field Technology enables special effects previously only possible with CGI ...


Virtual Reality: 3D Human Body Reconstruction

Tile Based HEVC Video for VR

Virtual Reality: Tile Based HEVC Video - Enabler for high quality VR streaming

High resolution content is required to foster a sense of immersion in VR video applications, but the large amount of data poses a challenge to established transport means and the limits of video decoders. Lightweight merging of HEVC Tiles allows to easily adapt the 360° video data stream to the current VR user viewport without transcoding to significantly reduce the required data rates.




xHE-AAC combines and significantly improves the functionality of two formerly separated worlds.



MPEG-H: Delivering immersive audio to the world´s first terrestrial UHD-TV system



easyDCP for IMF creation

easyDCP optimizes IMF workflows, providing the tools and functionalities professionals need to take advantage of this universal exchange format.Timeline editing, integrated quality assurance, support for markes, HDR support are new for IBC 2016.


A/V Analyzing Tools

A/V Analyzing Toolbox is a modular content analysis framework for automated audio and video analysis

HbbTV Application Creation Toolkit

The HbbTV Application Toolkit – HAT – presents a CMS for creation of HbbTV applications, which allows content creators without specific technical skills to build interactive TV applications and is developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS' Competence Center Future Applications and Media (FAME). So far HAT covers a simple themes collection which can be accessed through the editor UI. Here the content editor can choose from different layouts and designs regarding the background and color scheme. The layouts include basic modules, broadcast or IP-video, text, image and live blog.  

Broadcast Probing System

Cloud-based monitoring of DVB-T/T2 networks

Linked data for service quality and experience gain in DVB-T/T2 networks. Digital service broadcast suffers from misconfigurations at the source and dynamically changing signal propagation conditions. The lack of feedback leads to undisclosed service degradation and decreased experience. Selective professional monitoring is costly and often not enough to cover large areas.

Open Content Decryption Module

PlayReady-compliant CDM for HTML5 content protection 

The Open Content Decryption Module (OCDM) is a Content Decryption Module (CDM) compliant to W3C Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) specification to be used with HTML5 based browser environments. OCDM source code is now available on GitHub.


MICO – Multimodal Media Annotation and Search

One of the core challenges in this domain is the need to shift from using individual standalone extractors to multimodal and context-aware extractorworkflows, which can provide substantially improved search functionalities and results.

Lici® Codec to Transfer Visually Lossless 4k/60Hz

The implementation of Fraunhofer IIS’ Lici codec within keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) solutions will be showcased with partner IHSE GmbH. Lici offers a cost-effective transmission solution for remotely used monitors in professional image and movie production environments so a lower cost wire or fiber infrastructure can be used. Ideal also for use in cameras and other multimedia applications, Lici reduces image data streams bandwidth while maintaining resolution and dynamic range enhancements. The result is visually lossless transfer of 2K, 4K and 8K content for 30 Hz and 60 Hz.