IBC 2017

Showcases at IBC 2017

Meet us from 15.-19. Sept. at our booth B80 in hall 8 at the RAI Amsterdam


Enjoy VR with OmniCam-360

At IBC 2017, the new very light version of the OmniCam-360 - a worldwide unique system for recording high-resolution video panoramas - with closed sphere will be shown.

Interactive Live Streaming of 10K Video Panoramas with HEVC

At the Fraunhofer booth, the OmniCam-360 captures live high-quality 360 degree panorama video. Any section (region of interest - ROI) of the panorama can be selected with a remote control and scaled to UHD.

Make sure to enjoy an immersive video experience at our booth B80 in hall 8!


3D Human Body Reconstruction

At the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, the 3D Human Body Reconstruction technology captures real persons with multiple cameras at the same time and creates naturally moving dynamic 3D models.

OMAF viewport-dependent VR video streaming using HEVC tiles

Fraunhofer HHI´s Tile Based DASH Streaming with lightweight HEVC Tile Aggregation allows to easily adapt on-the-fly the 360 degree video data stream to the current user viewport.

This technology allows reducing throughput and decoder requirements significantly without complex transcoding.

HEVC Live Statmux

High efficient bitrate allocation between multiple video encoders in real-time with the Statistical multiplexer (Statmux) for HEVC.

The technology enables an analysis of the video material and an allocation of the total bitrate to different video encoders depending on the complexity of the content.


Realception® - Plug-in suite for light-field post-production

At IBC 2017, Fraunhofer IIS provides first release of light-field plug-in brand for professionals.

Make sure to check out Fraunhofer IIS´ new Realception® tools!


easyDCP Publisher – Create DCPs on a project basis

The easyDCP Publisher is an all-in-one software solution for the generation and playback of DCPs.

It is a lean version that provides all the essential features for creation and playback with a project based license model.

JPEG XS Standard

Our experts from Fraunhofer IIS will present a new image coding technology: the new JPEG XS standard.

The upcoming JPEG XS standard will offer a low-latency lightweight image coding system that is able to support increasing resolution (up to 8K) and frame rate in a cost effective way and for example applicable for Video over IP.


A/V Analysis and Search

Fraunhofer IDMT develops A/V analysis technologies for automatic annotation and content management.

IMF workflows with integrated QC

The experts of Fraunhofer IDMT and Fraunhofer IIS present a first demo version of the technology that allows for quality checks of IMPs as well as for the derived distribution formats based on the OPL.


Technologies for the Digital Radio Broadcast Chain

At IBC, Fraunhofer IIS shows technologies and applications for the entire chain of the global digital radio standards DRM and DAB.


MPEG-H Audio: The new audio codec for 4K TV in South Korea

At IBC 2017, Fraunhofer IIS will showcase a broad range of MPEG-H Audio technologies and products, already in use in the South Korean terrestrial 4K TV broadcast service.

ORPHEUS – object-based audio experience

The European research project ORPHEUS develops new radio services using object-based audio technology.

ORPHEUS specifies,  implements and validates an IP-based broadcast chain based on open standards.

The resulting user experience  will be presented at the IBC 2017 by an iOS app developed by elephantcandy.


Fraunhofer Cingo® for the best immersive sound experience on VR devices

Fraunhofer Cingo® brings immersive audio to VR devices and applications with a stunning level of realism to create the experience of “being there”.

Meet us at IBC 2017 and try out Fraunhofer Cingo® and the Cingo Composer plug-in!


Interactive 360°/VR Streaming

Fraunhofer FOKUS presents a 360° video experience in 16K on multiple screens.

Streaming Analytics and Player Coordination using SAND

MPEG-SAND (Server and Network Assisted DASH) defines standardized message formats for communication between server, client and network elements involved in the streaming process of MPEG-DASH.

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)

The “FAMIUM DAI Service" is an end-to-end solution for ad-insertion in MPEG-DASH and HLS.

The flexible chain consists of multiple micro services, that can easily be deployed and replaced and integrate well with existing components.

Our solution wraps the complexity of the ad-insertion process into a simple, easy to understand management interface.