Trendbrochure 2023


Cloud-defined workflows are currently a big deal in the industry. From the past until today, the post-production was kept on private servers. Cloud-based workflows provide a more efficient alternative to that due to scalable processing and resource allocation, and by eliminating the need to maintain dedicated hardware. Fraunhofer is working on media processing micro services to enable such workflows.
Artificial intelligence (AI) has a big influence on media and technology. Chat GPT and other implementations of AI revolutionized the dealing with language in the industry. We at the Fraunhofer Business Area Digital
Media are keeping up with the rapid progress of media technology with our research...

Content Table

  • JPEG XS Integration for Professional Workflows and Devices – made easy
  • VVC Video Streaming: Smooth Transitions during Resolution Jumps
  • Volumetric Video
  • The Stage in the Living Room
  • Energy-efficient and Sustainable Video Streaming
  • Delivering MPEG-H Audio to Creatives Around the Globe
  • Mining Platform: Automated AI-based Insight Extraction at Scale
  • Audiovisual Identity Suite
  • Fraunhofer Business Area DIGITAL MEDIA