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At the IBC trade show, Fraunhofer IIS is debuts the latest version (R7) of its professional ContentServer technology for DAB+ digital radio and DRM, available in products from Fraunhofer OEM partners. The ContentServer R7 has many new features, such as additional interfaces for IP-based audio streaming sources, automatic normalization and loudness monitoring (based on Fraunhofer Sonamic technology), and full CAP compliance for automatic processing of EWF (Emergency Warning Functionality) messages. The demo station will show, how the ContentServer generates multiplexes that are then played back via a Fraunhofer DAB+/DRM MultimediaPlayer radio application. In addition, the data applications Journaline and EWF, which are standardized in DAB+ and DRM, will be shown as part of the ContentServer R7 demo.


On the receiver side, Fraunhofer IIS offers various technologies for decoding and displaying digital radio services as part of its SDR (Software Defined Radio) solutions. The baseband software libraries from Fraunhofer support several transmission standards. This makes them an efficient means of expanding radio platforms to offer the full functionality of DAB + and DRM in combination with FM and AM decoding. The hybrid radio solution from Fraunhofer IIS will be presented at IBC 2022: it shows all components of a modern SDR-based radio system for receiving analog and digital radio services combined with the possibilities of Internet streaming. The software development is following the demands of the automotive industry for high quality and reliable systems. New methods for hybrid radio systems ensure seamless listening by automatically switching between the best reception among analog, digital and internet radio. Especially for listening pleasure in the car with several audio zones and additional digital information services, several independent receiving units can be active on a radio platform at the same time.

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