Fraunhofer IIS and intoPIX announce joint licensing program for JPEG XS

Erlangen, Germany / Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium: The Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS and the Belgian technology provider for compression solutions intoPIX S.A. today announce a worldwide patent licensing program for JPEG XS based software and hardware solutions. A JPEG XS license pool is currently being set up and expected to be fully rolled out by June 2021. The licensing program addresses the IPR conditions for use of JPEG XS in both cloud-based services and professional and consumer devices.

The use and integration of JPEG XS will position professional studio environments and broadcast systems for the future. intoPIX,  provider and developer for compression and image processing solutions, and Fraunhofer IIS,  developer for audio/video codecs for motion picture, broadcast and consumer applications, joined forces to make the JPEG XS technology available through a pooled licensing program.

JPEG XS: One codec fits all business models

JPEG XS addresses one of the major challenges in video related applications: how to solve the exponentially increasing bandwidth requirements in video applications, systems or devices. Three different licensing models will be available: licensing for cloud-based or any type of on-demand or time-billed professional services, licensing for any type of professional equipment, and licensing for use in consumer devices, like TV, tablets or smartphones. FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) fee billing will be tailored to various business models in place across different industries. This includes time-billed use or perpetual usage models; and any type of equipment and services using JPEG XS technology.

Early adopters of the technology like equipment manufacturers, service or content providers are welcome to apply for the JPEG XS Patent Portfolio License Agreement to gain a pole position and offer new solutions to their markets, taking full advantage of this proven codec. JPEG XS is standardized by the International Organization for Standardization ISO as ISO/IEC 21122. Indicative licensing conditions, pricing and future updates will be available on the official JPEG XS PPL website


JPEG XS: The transport video codec for high quality

JPEG XS revolutionizes the way professional and consumer video solutions are set up and how video is transported over local, wide-area or wireless networks. This includes use cases like end-to-end live production workflows for broadcast, video conferencing, online gaming, cloud services or industrial applications.  Any of these applications can now take full advantage of this near zero latency and high-quality compression technology and offer the supreme user experience expected by the latest video resolutions such as 4K and 8K.

This low-complexity codec was designed to transfer any audiovisual content over IP-based workflows, even for high-resolution images like 4K, 8K and beyond. This becomes even more tangible now by integrating both hardware- and software-based JPEG XS solutions. The integration of JPEG XS eliminates the need for jumping back and forth between different interfaces and compression technologies by allowing seamless video streaming over IP-based workflows. Especially for the broadcast industry, the JPEG XS roll-out and the integration of this new streaming codec into professional studio environments and broadcast systems will re-shape content creation and live production for years to come.

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