IBC 2019


VVC Real-time chain

Volumetric Videoproduction and Workflow



JPEG XS for media production on IP-based workflows

Real-time software based en-/decoding available


Future Video Coding Beyond HEVC

Video compression 2020 with live decoding


MPEG-H Audio

Live Broadcast of MPEG-H TV Audio System



New version with TTML rendering, ProRes IMF integration and Dolby Vision support



The audio codec of choice for adaptive streaming and digital radio


Audio Forensics/AV-Tools

Trustworthy content analysis and AI for media asset management, production and archiving


True 3D sound from just one device

Digital Radio

“One-Stop-Shop” for Digital Radio


Audio Mining

Search TV and radio archives within seconds


Broadcast Ad Integration

Playout Side AD Insertion (PSAI)


Deep Encode: Scene based Video Encoding for live and VoD

OTT Ad Integration

Dynamic Ads for OTT & Broadcast – DAI & DAS


360° Video

Cloud-based 360° Video Playout for live and VoD


Video Streaming (SAND)

Server and Network Assisted DASH -
SANDLibrary & SANDServer