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We are happy to share news of current topics that will provide you with insights to innovative and future-oriented technologies, give you an overview about new projects that the Fraunhofer Institutes drive forward and keep you updated on new stunning solutions for moving picture, broadcast, video and audio technologies and digital radio.

The Fraunhofer business area Digital Media with its five leading Fraunhofer Institutes will keep you updated with information of our top video and audio experts in

Weekly Specials: A 5 to 10 minutes expert update on new technologies, briefing on codecs, new projects and solutions. You can browse thru all these specials in our media library to follow a topic all at once. Some of these specials will provide a direct email-link to the expert or/and also a live-chat.

High table Briefings: In 40 – 60 minutes webinars you will be part of a group of media experts where you can directly ask questions, discuss opportunities or ideas. It will start with an impulse presentation by our Fraunhofer experts and will move into an open discussion. We appreciate you early registering because of the open and active concept and the limited participant numbers.

Classy Webinars: We will invite you to tutorials, presentations and lectures, virtual out-of-the-Labs throughout the year. Stay tuned to register or follow us on linkedIN.

Media Library: You will find the majority of weekly specials after the current date in our video library where you can watch our updates according to your personal information needs.

We look forward to your participation and comments.

Weekly Specials


2021/03/02 - Versatile Video Coding (VVC)

Interview with Fraunhofer HHI expert Benjamin Bross about what’s new with HHI´s optimized and open software implementations of the Versatile Video Coding Standard (H.266 / VVC). This includes the fast VVenC encoder as well as it’s VVdeC live decoder. Both VVenC and VVdeC have been made publicly available on GitHub last September, only 2 months after VVC was finalized.

Video will be available on March 2nd.


2021/03/04 - Get to know JPEG XS

In our second weekly special, we would like to introduce you to JPEG XS and give you a general overview on its functionality and use cases.

Video Library


Visit our Video Library for an overview of all our recent videos and to watch back all of our Weekly Specials.



With IMF Studio ready for cloud-based

Fraunhofer IIS announces new licensing model.


JPEG XS Licensing program

Fraunhofer IIS and intoPIX announce a joint licensing program for JPEG XS.

Our events in March 2021


High Table Briefings on VVC Video Compression - Expert Talk

In our first Hightable Briefings we would like to discuss VVC with you! At IBC 2020, Fraunhofer HHI launched the open, optimized & fast VVC encoder VVenC and its live software decoder VVdeC for the new VVC standard. Meet our experts B. Bross & A. Wieckowski with all the News!


When?   2021/03/09 at 10:00 am and at 7:00 pm CET


Where?  Zoom:

Link for the 10:00 am High table

Link for the 7:00 pm High table


To join us you can just click the links above.



Round Tables on "The Future of Broadcast Facilities Given IP and the Cloud"

Siegfried Foessel will be hosting HPA round tables about the neccessary studio equipment requirements for JPEG XS.


When?  2021/03/16 and 2021/03/23 at 6:00 pm CET


Where? HPA Tech Retreat


Fore more information, visit the HPA Tech Retreat Website.

Exhibitions and Events

HPA Tech Retreat 2021

We will be present at the HPA Tech Retreat, 15.-24 March 2021.

We are looking forward to see you at the digital events!

IBC 2021

You can meet us at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2021 in Amsterdam, 10.-13. September 2021.

For more information, check the IBCs website below.

NAB 2021

We are looking forward to participating in the NAB 2021, 10.-13. November 2021.

Stay tuned for updates and check the NAB website below for more information!


SMPTE Conference 2021

We are planning to take part in the SMPTE Conference 2021.


We will keep you updated - stay tuned for more information!

Fraunhofer Business Area Digital Media


The cooperation of Fraunhofer Institutes within the business area Digital Media provides innovative solutions and products for the digital age of motion picture.


We provide technological innovations for the whole digital media workflow, for immersive viewing and sound experiences. Benefit from our expertise in research and development as well as in standardization.


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Visit our Videothek for an overview of all our recent videos and to watch back all of our Weekly Specials.

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The Fraunhofer Business Area Digital Media consists of the following five Fraunhofer institutes:

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Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut HHI


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Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS



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Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technologies IDMT



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Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS



Schloss Birlinghoven, 53757 Sankt Augustin


Angela Raguse

Contact Press / Media

Angela Raguse

Communications Digital Media

Fraunhofer Business Area Digital Media
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Contact Press / Media

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Fößel

Speaker of the Business Area

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