The audio codec of choice for adaptive streaming and digital radio

Fed up of poor network connectivity causing audio streams to drop when you’re on the go?
xHE-AAC puts an end to that. The latest addition to the AAC codec family offers maximum coding efficiency, with a bit rate range spanning from 12 kbit/s up to 500 kbit/s and above for stereo services. Combining this with seamless bit rate switching over DASH and HLS, and mandatory MPEG-D DRC Loudness and Dynamic Range Control, xHE-AAC is the ideal solution for adaptive audio and video streaming services – whether it’s for movies, music, audiobooks or podcasts – as well as for digital radio broadcasting. The codec is natively supported in the Android OS starting with Android 9 Pie, and will be showcased at Fraunhofer’s IBC 2019 booth in video and Internet radio streaming applications.